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Earth Day 2022: Global Trade Refocuses on Emissions Reductions

After two years of unprecedented times, many individuals and organizations are finding their “new normal.” While some wish for the familiarity of yesteryears, many have moved past that and are embracing the idea of a new normal. Among the many developments of this new normal is the global emphasis on carbon emissions reductions. 

As Vincent Cleric of Time magazine reported, “Increased customer demand for green transport has helped push companies and shipowners to invest in carbon-neutral vessels, and industry expectations are for this to continue in 2022 and accelerate. Companies are waking up to the fact that progress is needed now and new solutions must be implemented on all aspects of the business. This is illustrated by the fact that the vast majority of container lines now stand firmly behind a net-zero target of, at the latest, 2050.” Earth Day 2022 has undoubtedly arrived at the perfect time to continue the conversation on supply chain decarbonization.

What’s the Theme of Earth Day 2022 and Its Meaning?

For 52 years, individuals and partners have joined together to drive positive action toward a cleaner Earth. This American-made holiday has spread across the globe over the years to initiate local levels of care and concern for our planet and major governmental initiatives. EARTHDAY.ORG has coined Earth Day 2022’s theme as “Invest In Our Planet.” Although the term “invest” is known within the industry for its monetary value, time is another invaluable resource to the planet. EARTHDAY.ORG echoed this sentiment stating, “While there is still time to solve the climate crisis, time to choose both a prosperous and sustainable future, and time to restore nature and build a healthy planet for our children and their children, time is short.” 

How Global Trade Partners Are Working to Lower Emissions in 2022

While many might only consider Earth Day 2022 from an individualistic view, the most significant environmental changes come from the biggest sources of CO2 emissions. Although transportation by sea is more efficient than rail, road, or air, ocean carriers still create a large amount of GHG emissions due to the poor quality fuel and sheer quantity of freight moved via sea. 

Some shippers and BCOs are joining the “Invest In Our Planet” movement by researching current data to choose the greenest carriers. Others pursue emissions reductions by investing in technology and partnerships that provide the right data for greener voyage planning. New API technologies have made the calculation of CO2 emissions easier and more accurate than ever before, moving past the previous efficient model that only prioritized the most direct path. 

Earth Day 2022’s decarbonization initiatives are not limited to ocean carriers, but also to freight transportation by air, road and rail. Accurate transportation tracking provides shippers the tools they need to choose emission efficient routes and manage omnimodal logistics that minimize vehicle idling that emit more greenhouse gases.

Prioritize Emissions Reductions Across All Modes With the Searoutes CO2 Calculator

Although Earth Day 2022 is just one day, shippers and BCOs can use the holiday as a mile marker and motivator for their environment sustainability efforts year round. One way to track decarbonization efforts year to year is to utilize the CO2 API by Searoutes. With an accurate calculator that considers vessel size, engine, fuel type, speed and more, freight management parties will receive accurate estimations of past, present and future ocean shipments. By incorporating weather forecasts, the Searoutes CO2 calculator is equipped to serve rain or shine. If you’re interested in investing in your Earth Day 2022 plans, start a conversation with Searoutes to join the movement toward sustainable logistics.

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