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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an API trial key?

You can get your key from us by filling out this form.

Do you provide a status page?

Please visit our status page to get the latest state of our services.

How does your routing work?

We parse large amounts of AIS data and extract a routing network which we enrich with draft, piracy, navigation areas, and more. We use it to find the most likely routes for specific vessels.

Where does your weather data come from?

We use the Global Forecasting system (GFS 0.5 deg) by NOMADS (NCEP), and ECMWF, (see For ocean waves, we use IFS ECMWF WaveWatch III model (0.5 deg) by NOMADS (NCEP). For ocean currents, we use the HYCOM model, regridded to 0.5 deg. (see ). We currently have weather data every 3 hours, for every point of the globe on a 0.5 degree grid.

How do your compute GHG emissions?

You can find all the information on our methodology page.

What payments do you accept?

You can pay by bank transfer or via stripe. You’ll find all the options directly in your invoice.

Can I move to a different plan?

Yes. If you are paying every quarter, you can switch plans before the next billing period. If you are on an annual contract and want to move to another plan, contact our Customer Service team.

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