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Harnessing the power of reliable vessel AIS data

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line Steady vessel database

Our database contains over 5 years’ worth of complete historical tracking data for vessels.

line Clean and complete data

We perform data cleaning to eliminate noise and fill gaps in order to obtain continuous trajectories.

line Trusted Satellite and terrestrial AIS

We are proud partners of Luxspace, one of the global leaders in providing space systems for AIS.

line Advanced proprietary routing algorithms

Our algorithms take into account speeds in passages & canals, as well as vessels specific routes.

Comparative Analysis

Noisy raw AIS data vs Clean Searoutes AIS data

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    Our AIS data is both terrestrial and satellite.

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    Our system gets updated every 5 minutes.

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    We have a remarkable 99.9% uptime that guarantees uninterrupted and smooth operation of your platform, check out the status

Clean AIS data

Api-drive solutions for data-driven solutions

Robust vessel and AIS APIs designed to enhance tracking visibility

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    Retrieve the historical trace information for a designated vessel

    This API will give you the historical trace of a given vessel between two dates in the past, along with the average speed and the route characteristics.

    Access over 5 years of complete history, to get an accurate and complete picture at any time.

  • vessel position API

    Fetch the current position of a vessel

    Retrieve information from AIS and return general information about the vessel together with its last known position, its last known speed and its current draft.

  • Vessel ETA API

    Get a predictive vessel ETA to the next port of call

    Based on the IMO of the vessel, this API will retrieve an ETA to the next port of call, predicted by our algorithms, as well as the vessel information:
    Its current speed, its current draft, its last position, and its destination.

    Our proprietary routing algorithms take into account maximum speeds in passages & canals, vessels specific and draft dependent routes. We mix them with AIS data to make accurate predictions of arrival time.

  • Vessel information API

    Get vessel information by name

    This API will provide you with details on vessel dimensions, IMO numbers, maximum draft, current speed, heading, course over ground, and draft.

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documentation that goes beyond the essentials

Navigate into our comprehensive API documentation

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Strategic partnership


Searoutes has partnered with LuxSpace a global leader in Automatic Information System (AIS) and enables to identify, localise and track ships in near real-time around the world.

“Searoutes creates real added value from our LuxSpace AIS data. We are proud to be a partner for innovative solutions for the maritime industry.”

Gerd Eiden, Head of Satellite Services & Applications.