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Vessel API

Leverage Live AIS Data

For Logistics providers, Vessel owners and Fleet managers.

  • Track a vessel, fleet or container with terrestrial and satellite AIS data. Optimize  fuel consumption, voyage efficiency and operations.
  • Get visibility on vessels location and their cargoes across oceans as well as near coastals and in ports in real time.
  • Check if vessels are likely to meet their schedules, in comparison with the information provided by shipping lines
  • Get accurate location compared to the noon reports to calculate ETAs for a better indication for the chartering team.

For Charterers, Commodity and Energy traders.

  • Follow trends and common routes to better anticipate vessel movements.
  • Compare current and historical vessels behaviors.
  • Benchmark fleet performance, operational analysis, competitors activities to understand trends and analyse global trade flows.
  • Check vessels availability around the world.



Real-time and historical tracking of individual vessels, as well as  fleet-based tracking. Access over 5 years of complete history, to get an accurate and complete picture at any time.

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Estimated Time of Arrival

We use our proprietary routing algorithms, and take into account maximum speeds in passages & canals, vessels specific — draft dependent — routes. We mix them with ais data to make accurate time of arrival predictions. 

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Vessel information

Our vessel database shares details on vessel dimensions, imo numbers, maximum draft, current speed and draft, heading and course over ground, to optimize your route planning, operations and analysis.

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Searoutes has partnered with LuxSpace a global leader in Automatic Information System (AIS) and enables to identify, localise and track ships in near real-time around the world.

“Searoutes creates real added value from our LuxSpace AIS data. We are proud to be a partner for innovative solutions for the maritime industry.” — Gerd Eiden, Head of Satellite Services & Applications.

What will you

Our collection of APIs is here to help maritime and logistics stakeholders build digital solutions. Whether you are developing a fleet management solution, a freight forwarding platform or a bunker optimization tool, we are by your side to bootstrap your project.

Sea+Inland Routing

Get the most accurate distances to better predict arrival times, monitor fuel consumption, estimate Co2, compute deviation costs.


Get accurate Co2 emissions based on detailed vessel consumption and traveled distances. Estimate also Co2 on air, rail and road modes.