reduce co2 emissions

Measure & Compare
Co2 Emissions, all modes

Report accurate CO2 emissions

  • Seamless integration into your systems.
  • Real distances from our proprietary routing algorithms, for each vehicle type.
  • Estimations based on dynamic parameters: asset, fuel type, size and engines.
  • Trusted methodology: compliant EN 16258 and GHG Protocol.

Bring Co2 Emissions into tendering

Add CO2 emissions in your sourcing decisions, alongside prices and transit time when choosing carriers. Our Co2 routing engine identifies the ocean carriers that promise a minimal Co2 footprint.

  • Compare shipping carriers and services based on CO2 emissions.
  • Get visibility on the services with least CO2 emissions.
  • Optimise your transport & sustainability policies.

Co2 emissions in shipping, a challenge.

Most Co2 calculators follow the Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption and GHG emissions, or EN16258. We go further.


Accurate distances, based on GPS tracks

Real distances with stopovers, coming from sailing schedules, can account for a delta of a 100%!



Leg specific speeds

Increasing speed from 15 to 20 knots on SEA can cause co2 emissions to double.


level fuel

We use the engine specifications of more than 6,000 different vessels.

SFC accredited partner

Searoutes is a Smart Freight Centre accredited partner. SFC’s accreditation program is designed to help logistics stakeholders in the choice of their external CO2 emissions support.

What will you

Our collection of APIs is here to help maritime and logistics stakeholders build digital solutions. Whether you are developing a fleet management solution, a freight forwarding platform or a bunker optimization tool, we are by your side to bootstrap your project.

Sea+Inland Routing API

Get the most accurate distances to better predict arrival times, monitor fuel consumption, estimate Co2, compute deviation costs.

Vessel+AIS API

Track the global fleet wherever they sail, in areas near coasts or beyond coastal regions with the combination of terrestrial and satellite AIS.

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