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Gain control of your carbon emissions

Searoutes leverages modern algorithms & datasets to go beyond the standard methodologies. We provide CO2 emissions for transport, and powerful routing engines, that accurately match the services operated by the carriers.

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“Proudly recognized as the most accurate carbon emission solution in the market”
*Drewry report

Trusted by over 110 organizations committed to supporting clients in achieving their sustainability goals.

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Analyze areas to focus on reduction initiatives and evaluate impactful alternative routings.


Act on reduction initiatives and monitor the impact over time with regular reporting.


Accurately report your historical carbon footprint and gain insights through a holistic overview.

Bridge the gap with our Data

Measure and compare carbon footprints

CO2e emissions calculator

Accurately compute your carbon emissions from freight transport, and automatically generate reports of your past bookings. Compare and choose the services and carriers that emits the least CO₂. Reduce your door to door emissions.

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Sea + Inland routing

Find the best route, pick up to delivery

Get the most accurate sea distances to improve your planning, better predict arrival times, monitor fuel consumption, estimate CO₂, compute deviation costs. Complete sea routing with our inland routing offering.

Sea and inland routing

AIS + Vessel tracking

Global maritime visibility

Manage your fleet or containers efficiently with live positions, and enhance it with voyage information, vessel details, distance to the next call and our estimated time of arrival. Retrieve historical positions to analyse past activity and improve your operations.

AIS and vessel tracking
CO2 API query

An API-first Approach To a more efficient supply chain

Searoutes makes it easy for any company to use carbon emission data.

Our API-first architecture enables you to enhance your systems with added value, facilitating precise emissions measurement and efficient reporting.

line Our APIs integrate seamlessly in the systems used by carriers, freight forwarders, shippers and solution providers.

line Accelerate your ability to further develop added value for your customers with reliable C02 emissions data.

line Easily match our API with your specific needs and scale your operations as your business grows.

line Our remarkable 99.9% uptime guarantees uninterrupted and smooth operation of your platform.

line Process multiple shipments via CSV


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  • Logo Buyco
    Carl Lauron
    Founder & CEO

    “Searoutes seduced us with its serious and pragmatic approach to calculating CO2 emissions. The integration of the Searoutes API now allows BuyCo’s customers to fulfill their reporting obligations by analyzing the carbon dioxide emissions of their past transports. Our customers will also soon be able to benefit from the information on estimated CO2 emissions as an additional criterion when making their booking request to a shipping company through our platform, which no solution previously allowed.”

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    Sabine van Vloten
    Growth Marketer

    “The SeaRoutes’ API is an excellent enhancement to our platform. Over the past few years, at Shypple, we have collaborated closely with SeaRoutes. We are thrilled about how this collaboration has enabled us to provide our customers with valuable information about their carbon footprint.”

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    Frédéric Obala
    CD&TO at CEVA

    “The growing stakes of CO2, a strategic imperative for Ceva Logistics and the CMA CGM Group, lead us to be ever more agile. The flexibility of the partnership with Searoutes reinforces our ability to develop products even more quickly with functionalities such as deep-learning algorithms, which are essential for the control of our carbon footprint”

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    Grant Mc Intosh
    V.Ship Product Owner

    “ We had no idea of the weather impact on our vessels when they were undergoing a sea passage. We were blind to the environmental factor, that’s where the Searoutes solution fits our requirements. ”

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    Dan Healy
    Ship Angel

    Ship Angel has developed the most advanced rate management platform in the world, and created a decision-making engine designed to assist our clients in making the most informed choices for each shipment, based on the best data available. A key component of this data is to allow shippers to see the CO2 emissions for every vendor on every lane. Collaborating with Searoutes was a natural decision for us, as they are the best in class in CO2 data integration.



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