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Get the most accurate distances to better predict arrival times, monitor fuel consumption, estimate Co2, compute deviation costs.

Get point to point, port to point and port to port sea routes and sea distances.

Accurate routes and sea distances are a key criteria to improve decision making. We return the shortest route sailed considering traffic separation schemes, SECA/ECA zones, piracy zones, canals and port entries. Detailed information are also returned for transit time, vessel speed and distances.

Our routes
match your specifics

Emissions control areas

Choose to avoid or not travel in SECA/ECA zones. Get the shortest route around these zones or distances traveled in zone to better monitor fuel consumption.

Special areas

Choose whether you want to avoid a specific area/zones or a list of areas such as piracy zones, territorial zones and canals.


Enter your vessel’s maximum draft or dimensions to get the safest and shortest passages for your vessel.

Departure Date

Get more visibility on your Estimated Time of Arrival, considering vessel maximum service speed, by specifying your departure date and time.

Bunker Metric uses Searoutes to help reduce bunker cost

Their solution Bunker Planner considers a range of factors that impact bunkering decisions, including fuel price forecasts, trade patterns and routes, vessel speed, fuel consumption, time spent in Emission Control Areas (ECAs), as well as costs related to deviations, port calls and barges among others.

Accurate routes and distances are therefore a key criteria for bunker optimization. Reliable information on routes distances help to choose the best bunkering ports depending on the ROB (Remaining on Board), time and costs of the deviation,  distance increasing and extra fuel consumption on the deviation.

What will you

Our collection of APIs is here to help maritime and logistics stakeholders build digital solutions. Whether you are developing a fleet management solution, a freight forwarding platform or a bunker optimization tool, we are by your side to bootstrap your project.


Get accurate Co2 emissions based on detailed vessel consumption and traveled distances. Estimate also Co2 on air, rail and road modes.

Vessel+AIS API

Track the global fleet wherever they sail, in areas near coasts or beyond coastal regions with the combination of terrestrial and satellite AIS.