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Got Milk-Run? Searoutes Introduces New Road API for Greener Distribution Strategies

The Problem

How to measure the CO2 efficiency of your distribution strategy while minimizing the number of trips and providing regular, reliable service.

The Solution

  • We identify the source of your emissions by computing CO2 results, including FTL rotation distances, vehicle types, loading factors and fuel consumption, and then allocate them to the respective delivery/pick-up package.
  • We collect CO2 emissions from each identified item and link it back to the associated customer or order ID.
  • We provide Scope 3 reports that consider the total amount of FTL as well as single-item emissions for easy customer order identification.

Why Searoutes?

Empower your company to report Scope 3 emissions on FTL and item levels that allow you and your customers to:

  • Prove the environmental success of your distribution strategy.
  • Get documented CO2 emission data for sustainability reports.
  • Fast-forward to sustainable procurement processes that allow for proactive emission reduction

Validate your sustainability efforts through

  • GLEC-accredited methodology.
  • Highly accurate and unique CO2 emission models.
  • Ready-to-report data sets.

Create opportunities for innovation and growth by using our APIs to efficiently use your existing resources and infrastructure.